Clients and Testimonials

Barre 3

Katie Heaps is a first-time owner of a brand-new Barre 3 franchise in Denver-Belleview Station. She had never worked with a general contractor before, and Peter walked her through the entire process, helped her feel comfortable and got her business open on time.

Orange Theory

Erik Skaalerud is the Colorado Area Developer for Orange Theory. Their brand has extremely high standards of construction, and Suzy and Peter have built 22 locations for them.

Wendy Skaalerud is the Colorado Area Developer for Orange Theory. She loved Suzy’s tenacity in presenting Far North Construction as a possible developer for their new Orange Theory franchises. What she liked best is the time Suzy and Peter took to understand her company’s “why” and translating that into building 22 locations.

We Spread Health

Tim Johnson has enjoyed working with Suzy and Peter Martinek primarily due to their honesty and integrity. As a small business owner, he has to make sure all his buildout costs are as accurate as possible, and Far North Construction met his exacting

Restaurants of America

Brian Weston, President, Restaurants of America has enjoyed a long working relationship with Suzy and Peter Martinek and Far North Construction. Brian tells a story of how Peter said he could open a new restaurant in 14 days, delivered in 13, and worked with a 40-year-old building.